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Are you seeing ghosts? Get yourself to an optician NOT an exorcist

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Are you seeing ghosts? Get yourself to an optician NOT an exorcist, leading expert warns

Charles Bonnet syndrome can cause people to have strange hallucinations

The rare condition can affect anyone suffering from any kind of vision problem 

Dr David Allamby believes it is responsible for those who have seen ghosts

The laser eye surgeon say have an eye test 'before reaching for the crucifix

If you've seen ghosts or demons you've probably already searched Google for your local exorcist. 

But it might make more sense to go to an optician, a leading eye expert has warned.

It's could be a sign of a rare syndrome that can affect anyone who has experienced eyesight problems.

Macular degeneration - the leading cause of blindness - causes sufferers to lose their peripheral vision.

However, it, and many other conditions, can also lead to Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) - where people can see any sort of strange hallucination.

Dr David Allamby, a laser eye surgeon at London's Focus Clinic, believes the surreal experience is more than likely a result of the condition.

He added: 'It's not surprising that such sufferers naturally assume that they've had a paranormal or supernatural experience.

'The reality, however, is that what they've seen is just a symptom of something they're not even aware of.

'If you are seeing ghosts, fairies, demons or even aliens, you should seek an eye test immediately before you reach for the crucifix.' 


Conditions like glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration cause people to lose their peripheral vision.

But to compensate for the lack of information being received, the brain tries to fill in that gap.

However, what often happens is the brain will insert things that simply aren't there. But many GPs are simply unaware of the link.


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