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tisdale might replace "land of rape and honey" slogan

TISDALE, Saskatchewan, April 22 (UPI) -- The Canadian town of Tisdale, Saskatchewan is asking residents to weigh in on changing the town's slogan from "The Land of Rape and Honey."

The phrase, which actually refers to rapeseed, a source of animal feed, vegetable oil and biodiesel fuels, is printed on the town's welcome sign and officials are surveying residents to determine whether the slogan should be changed.

Officials said the word "rape" is associated by many with sexual assault more than the city's crop, which has actually decreased in recent years to less than 1 percent of crops grown in the area.

The Economic Development Office's online survey for residents said honey production has also "decreased significantly."

"Do you believe it is time for Tisdale to update our Town brand?" the survey asks.



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Then they might as well change the slogan to "The Land of Political Correctness and Honey"  (However, the term honey has several other uses besides the one used to identify it as a product of bees)

Slang uses of the word "honey":

-an attractive person
(Which is offensive to ugly people)
-a term of endearment for a loved one.
(which is offensive to lonely people)
-a term of endearment for a younger person.
(which offensive to old people)

Maybe they should just put up a blank sign with pretty a picture, as to not offend the illiterate or those who can not read English...



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