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5 Massive Failures That Make Obama the WORST PRESIDENT EVER

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January 10, 2017

Soon Barack Obama’s presidency will be over, leaving pundits to question “exactly how bad was he?”

We believe very bad. In fact, the worst.

Here are 5 massive failures that win Obama “Worst President Ever”

Obama failed with the Economy
Obama failed with Obamacare
Obama failed Blacks
Obama failed non-Muslims by pandering to Islam and letting ISIS rapidly expand under his watch
Obama failed his own Democratic party

Obama’s Legacy?...............:yeah2:

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Economy is already up, people are relieved, jobs are already coming back and being created because of small business confidence and Trump ain't even in office yet. We've had a heavy yoke on our necks with this Marxist piece of shit for 8 looong years. Everyone I know is WORSE off than before he came in and they can't wait to see him leave. 10 more days! 

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I am looking forward to some good changes . A guy I know here has a small lawn and garden store he is all ready looking to expand his store and that means he will be hiring a few people . There to is a lady here that makes custom clothing she to is looking to expand her shop .

As for me I am to old to start over . But being retired ; I have high hopes for the kids ...

The oppressions put on small mom and pop shops have put many out of business . I hope this changes because it's the mom and pop shops that have always hired the most people . 

Boycott big box stores and shop local .

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Of course Obama is /was the worst President ever. What did people expect? They elect a half black - half Semitic egomaniac and hope for anything good to come from it?

Actually, the last 8 years leaves us with more questions than it answers.

Was Obama elected or appointed?

Personally, I don't know anyone that actually voted for him.

Secondly, what happens to all the idiots who bought into Obamacare and paid fines out of their taxes for not complying with the law?

Do they get refunds after Obamacare is only a failed attempt to collect money for illegal alien health expenditures and is taken off the books?

Finally, can anyone expect justice for the black bass turd's rape of the American people by allowing illegals into the country, creating ISIS, failing to protect our embassy in Benghazi, giving weapons to Mexican drug cartels and lying to congress?

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