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Mysterious 'Large' Face Discovered On Canadian Cliffside of Reeks Island

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Published on Jun 25, 2015

A mysterious, "large" face on the cliffside of an island in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve has recently been re-discovered by a man from who has been searching for the face for over two years, according to government agency Parks Canada.

Hank Gus of the Tseshaht First Nation, an aboriginal group in the area, first heard about the “face in the rocks” of Reeks Island, part of the Broken Group Islands, two years ago after hearing a story that a kayaking tourist spotted the face in 2008, said Parks Canada First Nation’s program manager Matthew Payne. He added that Gus was not able to find the reported face until just a few weeks ago.

“Gus and some Tseshaht beach keepers recently discovered it a few weeks ago, and they were very excited to share it with us and the archaeologist we work with,” Payne, 43, told ABC News today. “We went out to see it recently, and it’s remarkable. It really is a face staring back at you.”

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Was it a slow news day for dahboo that he had to rehash a recent MSM article? 

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I got to give DahBoo credit he gets out there and finds some interesting subjects whether on the road or behind a keyboard  .

In the past I have seen many comments critical of Daboo . I say shame on those . It takes guts and a opened mind to seek truth .

I only wish I could do the same ! I just don't always have the means to do so .



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I've never seen that before, and this is my first time even hearing about it.
Makes you wonder how many others we are missing, and how many others
have either been weathered away, or even burried?

Also, how were they able to carve that on such a steep mountainside?

Nice find Thoth!

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