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....Lovebirds Can Rotate Their Heads at Lightning Fast Speeds!


High-speed flight recordings of lovebirds making quick in flight turns reveal how these birds improve sight and shorten blur by rotating their head at speeds of up to 2,700 degrees per second, as fast as insects, enabled by fast neck muscles.

Lovebirds are any of the nine species of the parrot genus Agapornis (family Psittaculidae).

One species, the grey-headed lovebird (Agapornis canus), is native to Madagascar, and eight species are native to the African continent.

These birds were called lovebirds because of their monogamous pair bonding.

They are small, compact parrots around 5 – 6 inches (12.5 – 15 cm) in length 40 – 60 grams in weight.

According to a new study published in the journal PLoS ONE, during flight, turning lovebirds rotate their head at up to 2,700 degrees per second, faster than any other vertebrate recorded to date.

The authors of the study – Dr Daniel Kress and his colleagues from Stanford University – discovered this super-fast behavior by filming the maneuver at 2,000 frames per second during a goal-directed task.

For flight recordings, they trained five rosy-faced lovebirds (Agapornis roseicollis) to turn on a dime in a custom-built flight arena.





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