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I think we all know this .

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Those with evil intent are seldom courteous enough to announce their intentions openly. As history has shown us time and again, oppressive tyrants never come to power campaigning on oppression. Quite the contrary. The most pernicious evil always presents itself as something necessary, something transitory, a mere way point on the road to the land of milk and honey. In this way the masses can be led to not only tolerate the most intolerable conditions, but actually support those who would seek to rule over them .


In the early days, even the most ruthless dictators are wildly popular. By the time the public realizes it’s been had and the blood starts flowing in the streets, it’s too late: the regime is in place and the promises that the tyrant used to gain power are already replaced with the yoke of oppression. Now moral decay, political corruption and fascism are everywhere. But we activists have been busy. For decades we have tried every tactic to avert catastrophe. We voted, wrote letters, gave money, held signs, protested in marches, clicked links, signed petitions, tweeted websites, wrote books, taught classes, turned off the television, programmed apps, engaged in direct action, committed petty vandalism. All for naught. Crap !; now popular revolution remains the only viable tactic left.

Really ! I do not oppose Unity. I do not oppose Order. I oppose the means by which that Unity and Order are manifested and maintained. Greed, anger, fear, and thirst for power have failed us. Until we have Unification without fear...without violence...without greed... There will be No World Order .

Just food for thought

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