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What Pisses Me Off About The “F@&K White People” Chicago Kidnapping

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 Ukshep    17,190

In Chicago, four black suspects were arrested in connection with the kidnapping and 24-48 hour torture of an eighteen year old special needs white male. The suspects streamed the assault live on Facebook, shouting "F@&k White People" and "F@&k Donald Trump" multiple times - even cutting the victim's scalp with a knife and forcing him to drink water from a toilet.

Stefan speaks!

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Convicted shooter Dylann Roof explains to a jury that he wasn't insane or mentally ill while he pulled the trigger on blacks attending a local church.

He said that he didn't like what blacks were doing to white people and didn't want whites to be treated like second rate citizens anymore.

What's interesting is that both of these stories are being run back to back.

It really depends upon your point of view of who really deserves the death penalty.

There seems to be a lot of cause and effect going on here.


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