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Take pride of who you are : Americans trying to live a bloody dream

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 CSB    2,152

 I had to post this; this guy has all the right to his choice and I agree with him .


The American flag is no longer something of pride for the whole, but rather something of oppression, racism and wars here and world wide .. Lets ban it !!

Its not locked with in the confines of the Constitution and has turned it's corpoate military complex agents it's owners in stealth  We The People .

The southerners have their flag and they should be able to keep it; it is a symbol of their heritage  , it has never committed acts of genocide or foreign wars .

Lincoln did not free the slaves that Zionist minded SOB put us all in slavery; He just made it illegal to own people .

But exempted banks and the U.S. corporate government from this rule .


I don't see America as a place but I see it as a idea; a dream to be free from psychopathic authoritarians .



The flag of a once republic .




The flag of the military industrial complex NOW part of the U.N. corporation




British rule is the U.S. corporate flag with the gold banner .

After you study Maritime Law you will understand British rule http://www.tonyrogers.com/news/images/flag_gold_fringe_02.jpg  It's here !

and always will be until We The People shed more blood and understand the agendas of the self proclaimed elites .

Freedom is not free it's a contentious conflict . it comes with many deceptions and mind F**ks .

Psychopathic authoritarians want power; money is not the real issue . It is all about control !



The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.







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