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Video - Its Here, and no one seems to know.

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 CGK    2,186

Good Video DK. Thanks for sharing. People are getting more and more frustrated over this outlaw government. I certainly feel his pain!

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 CSB    1,665

OEF's New Video - Topics are TPP and others

Published on Jun 25, 2015


We live on a prisoned planet where the psychopathic elites rule . It is apparent that we the people " Those in the know, those that are blessed with incite " must shed more blood .

Those with evil intent will never give up on their quest for power and those that are blinded with the deceptions will have to shed some tears before seeing clearly .

I was born covered in someones blood I have no problem going out the same way . The blind living are getting away with it all messed up !


Keep up the good work brother ! It is said that there is two great days in one's life 1 is being born 2 the other is understanding way .

You have been blessed ! You are a WatchMan you have been called to the wall to watch over the flock . God bless you for your service to humanity .




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