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It's Worse Than Bush Derangement Syndrome

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 C.O.W.    190

"You remember Bush Derangement Syndrome, right? It was when the mere mention of President George W. Bush's name sent liberals into a fevered state of instability. Someone would carelessly say "Bush" and their eyes would involuntarily begin to roll, and then came the shortness of breath, followed by foam forming on the poor victim's mouth -- though this mainly happened among Bush-hating liberals who lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan or in Hollywood."


C'mon Man, educate yourself!!: 

Wake up America, Trump is not responsible for your children's opinion nor your own. Its is unfortunate that so many do not see the irresponsible manner in which they have displayed frustration. The lack of morality has become rampant while accuracy in what they are stating is at best misleading or outright lies to substantiate their anger, but forget the truth or its importance.

Let's get real for a moment and pretend that the past 2 years were not controlled and designed by the Government with planning, and assistance, from the MSM to subvert Americans on how the system is failing us due to planned globalization.

This requires that the US be disseminated, the government destroyed and infrastructure was broken, so we fall into a state of chaos. This will start on Jan. 20th of this year and will end our great country if we do not stand up with our Government elect (whomever) and push back against the global thrust to take us out by any means.

The plans are set and the training is going on in all the major cities by BLM and associated groups who will cause the largest protest in American history and attempt to start a military takeover of the election to keep Obama in till the Un takes over. All of the necessary components are in place for this, why aren't we paying attention, as it will be your children who are incarcerated first due to their perceived exemption and their delusion of impunity. Then they will come to your homes and take your guns!! What will we do then, whine more about who is right or fight to save your life, your choice!!

This has never been about HRC, Obama, Trump or any president, it's about who really runs the government and why they see America as the next clearing center so they can implement Globalism. Remember this election was between Rothschild Wall Street or Kissinger's Wall Street, not HRC and TRUMP! For those who don't do research. Trump is backed by Kissinger and HRC was backed by the Rothschild group, starting to make sense yet?? You may remember that Almost all of Obama's cabinet was Wall street bankers who worked for the Rothschilds, any pattern emerging yet?

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 majoga    429

TDS has an additional symptom - anal leakage - which in turn leads to loss of brain tissue.

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