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Queen Elizabeth Dead / WW3 / Freedom Call - What if?

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 Ukshep    14,214

In 2015 this rumor went around.

And now this year we have rumors of her death... Mainly due to her missing and skipping public gatherings.

Now a part of me wonders if she is really ill? or if the christmas before last she wanted to tell all. So now they keep her out of the way so she cannot say anything at all.

With all that said. We should be looking for troop movements across the world. Specifically to those countries still classified as british territories, Because if she is indeed dead i can see only one reason for with-holding the information to this date after other factors like new year and christmas have been eliminated as possible reasons not to announce a death.

And that one reason is war. What do you suppose will happen if she did indeed die now? well any territory under british rule MIGHT want to break free and gain its independence. The queen is for many the only thing they care about in regards to britain. Once that tie is gone then maybe we would see a rise of freedom and nations claiming sovereignty. So therefore would it not be prudent to keep hush till troops are in place to deal with any of those with ideas when it is announced??

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