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Parody, but really not so funny when it's our reality

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[ Parody but unfortunately also a coming reality }

"This may be a very decent way to correct the media's hold on the White House, in an apparent media coup P.E. Trump decides to intentionally, not respond, to questions in future White house press releases until validated to be the accurate by his Russian ethical hacker appointed consultants "

The larger issue here is the amount of hatred and treasonous misinformation being displayed and relayed by MSM extremist who can, and do, cause intentional harm without proof, conscience, or any form or legal ability to arrest them for the behaviour and believe we as a society should accept them because it's always been the way...Right? Apparently being a member of the Press give's you the right to lie, cheat, steal, and murder as the press pass is also a get out of jail free card!!! Nice perk!

"Next step is to start accepting Sharia law so we can now justify beating our wives and children legally!!" The times of going to jail just because I hit my wife when she spilled my coffee is now over, we need this change so we can accommodate the East's influx into our culture. We need to make theses changes, as they are our guests and as such do not need to accommodate anything we have fought for to obtain the freedom our relatives died for, they are dead now anyway. We need to understand the need for acceptance of sharia law as its the only law that will give men their rightful place in society again. For far too long women have been slowly changing laws so they don't get properly punished when they get out of line, any line. Just look at the line's HRC walked over the past 2 decades.

Three Cheers for Obama for bringing us closer to the Koran, while showing us the path to true enlightenment through the inclusion of men's rights, giving us the ability to prosecute our wives and rape our girlfriends, their children or any woman who shows skin, as that is the real reason men commit rape, to protect themselves from western ideology, as that is a right and not a privilege unless you're a woman when it is a privilege to be accepted as a partner for a lifetime of abuse and isolation, in reality, the only place any woman should exist."

Seriously, this is the direction the country appears to be going, this is not the America I want or remember. However if we do not start making some serious 180's on what is acceptable within our society we are just going to become another Muslim Brotherhood example of what it looks like to take down an entire people and its culture, so it can be replaced with a set of laws that are written by Religious minded madmen who believe we as a society are the scourge of this earth. I do find it funny when a culture with absolutely no sense of morality or conscience thinks they have a right to inflict their personal beliefs upon a culture that has no understanding of the archaic text that was written thousands of years ago and how it has any basis for present day changes to civilization.

End of Joke!

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