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Cell Phones, Brain Cancer and Public Health with Katie Singer

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 Cinnamon    27,755

Posted by Ryan Munsey | December 29, 2016

20 minutes of cell phone usage breaks the double-strands of our DNA.

If our body's repair systems cant keep up with these breaks, cancer and birth defects can result. [1]

Using a digital cell phone as a teenager or younger increases brain cancer risk by 420%. [2]

These are just a few of the startling statistics published in well respected, peer reviewed journals (like the International Journal of Oncology) that I found when I began investigating the safety of cell phone usage.

What surprised me most was not that I could find data to support the claims of cells phones causing cancer.

The biggest surprise was the volume of science-backed data that calls into question the safety of cell phones and other electronic devices.

I kept digging and kept asking questions.

Why aren't these studies more widely circulated?

Why aren't communication companies and the government doing more to prevent these public health concerns?

Are cell phones and other electronics as safe as we think they are?

You're not going to like the answers…

Me: “Sounds like the government is making up laws to facilitate technology at the cost of human and biological ?

Katie: "Exactly right"



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 Cryptic Mole    4,891

I have 3 cell phones, so I'm on the phone many hours per day. When I'm home, which is most times, I will only talk on my phone with the external speaker. If I'm driving, I also use the speaker, but out in public, I have no choice but to place that damn thing to my ear and believe me, it bothers me knowing about those damn radiation like tumors they can cause. I keep those outside calls short and sweet.

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