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Filming Cops Just Got Hilarious LMAO

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Edinburg, TX — A video posted to YouTube this week shows that filming police is not always a solemn experience — it can be funny too.

A Texas cop was caught in a ridiculously compromising and cartoonish situation. The state trooper somehow managed to become stuck in the window of his patrol car.

In a true ‘WTF’ moment, the passersby capture the officer flailing about in a frantic effort to free himself from the grip — of his window.

The resultant video is as odd as it is hilarious.

The men taking the video can barely keep it together as they capture this golden moment as the state trooper epically fails at his Dukes of Hazard, window entry.

With all the horrific videos of police officers acting with malice, it’s refreshing to be able to laugh. The only thing missing from the video below is the sound of the Benny Hill theme playing in the background. Enjoy.


I would have called the cops to get him out, Oh wait I am not allowed to touch a cop, it is construed as a sign of aggression.  I do not call the cops, I do not want to be shot.

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