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'I'm pretty sure it says f**k me!' Furious parents claim sold-out Hatchimals are spewing crude words

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 Cinnamon    27,441

Here we go again with the "interactive" toy thing. Egg symbolism, anyone?

Hatchimals are interactive toys that hatch into bird-like animals 

The creatures, which retail for $50 to $60, were the most in-demand toy for kids this holiday season 

Some parents insist that the toy says 'f**k me', and a few shared YouTube videos of the animals' alleged cursing 

Spin Master, the company that produces the toy, told Daily Mail Online that the furry creatures 'do not curse' or use 'foul language'

Earlier this week the company defended the toy after furious parents took to social medial to complain that their Hatchimals would not hatch




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 radio doc    383

we dont need lame toys anymore, yesterday i watched my friends two year old baby sit at the dinner table and very competently operate his mothers ipad and watch videos and navigate it as well as i do mine! and do a math teaching app with no help.

i was in shock!

60 bucks for that egg, lol! could have got him a nice notebook. i saw a 10 dollar version of one yester day that teaches math , english, and other learning games and the box said ages 3 and up!

btw, ive heard what sounded like f- me in a video game before along with distorted things that sound vugar in cartoons that made me think " what in the hell did i just hear" 

anyone else noticed that?

btw: those kind of toys end up in the bargain bin for 5 bucks in a few months usually. 60 bucks! lol! only a fool would pay that!


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Would not surprise me at all.

It's part of their religious doctrine to turn the world upside down.

It's called the law of reversal.

In the Kabbalah the messiah will come if the world is perfect or he will come if the world is totally messed up.

Sabbatai Zevi announced, since we cannot all be saints, let us all be sinners, to force the return of their messiah.

We know who that will be.......

The Rothschilds are Sabbatean-Frankist. (BTW)

Apparently Jacob Frank was even more evil than Sabbatai.

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