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Liberal Attorneys General Have Been Working On a Plan To PROSECUTE Climate Change Skeptics

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 Cinnamon    27,441

Since the election, unhinged liberals have been running around like maniacs calling Donald Trump a fascist before he has even taken office.

Meanwhile, a group of liberal attorneys general have been working on a plan to prosecute climate change deniers.

Who are the real fascists?



These people are losing their minds... lock them up! 


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 majoga    429

They will wish it were true when they are freezing their arses off whilst swinging from lamp posts.

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 Uncle Nobby    1,271


Climate change ‘consensus’ actually derived from the opinions of just 75 hand-picked U.S. scientists

One of the most outrageously false of all the false claims is the one regularly spewed by Left-wing warming alarmists up to and including President Obama is that “97 percent of scientists” believe humans are causing the planet to warm, a figure which forms a genuine “concensus” of “settled science.”

The big problem with that claim is that it is based on incredibly skewed sampling.

As noted by The Last Great Stand website, the 97 percent consensus only makes sense to you if you also believe that nearly 100 million Americans out of about 320 million currently not in the work force really does produce an unemployment rate of just 4.7 percent.

Liars and fools always eventually get exposed for what they are, so bring it on, liberal losers.


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