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Boycott: Mother Jones

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 C.O.W.    279

This is the first time in 40 years I have been banned from any site. Maybe this should have happened earlier in life, but it happened today as I was responding to a bunch of Snowflakes defending themselves with a serious bias and no sense of morality, research or education. The height of professional misconduct for a journalist but it's ok for us as citizens to hide the truth when we can't understand it, or even worse cannot accept it.

 The year of the Democratic Millenials has come and should go out with a serious bang after the 20th. It is so unfortunate that when faced with the facts so many are resorting to projecting, deflecting, based solely on their laziness and sense of entitlement that they do not believe they are less knowledgeable, therefore do not accept truth as they didn't come up with it first??  No, the fact is they don't take the time to do the work to reflect their position, just announce it like its the only truth and anyone who debates them are idiots and trolls, who know nothing.  

Mother Jones is one of those sites who applaud Democratic isolation and protectionism with no regard for reality, this is where FAKE news gets traction and Snowflakes get validation of their enormous sense of self-worth and egos.  Given to them by our own parents and educations system who failed us all.  In every part of my experience, I can only see this as what was put in place intentionally, by the NWO over the past three decades to bring us into chaos.

Please read my final post that got me banned for the first time in my life, making me somewhat proud to be disliked by the democratic haters of anyone over 35 y.o.a. with an education and an opinion.  

The opinions I receive on COP are mostly respectful but almost always knowledgeable, and as a rule considered an opinion, which is why I ask any or all who see my words as being the problem to freely respond or do the kind request of boycotting Mother Jones with me.   By the way, Cinnamon apparently your comments are not welcome on their site either, in fact, they commented that I was you at one point?? WTF do assholes do when they have no one to insult??

This guy posted over 16 negative responses to this and insulted at least 4 people but was responsible for getting me banned, I am so proud...The shame is I see him on Twitter all the time.  : (

"That is one of the main reasons Trump won."

No. Clinton won the popular vote (aka the people) by a margin of nearly 3 million votes. The main reason Trump won was the electoral college.

My response:
"Correct, however, the popular vote only accounts for the smallest area of land mass, and while most of the popular vote came from CA, it is also brags of being the largest amount of undocumented illegals who are allowed to vote in those jurisdictions due to broken election laws. Trump knew this prior to making his bid for President and did the homework to ensure he had a fighting chance. Call him what you will he outsmarted us on this and its does need to be corrected.

Abolishing the electoral college will only make the next vote easier as the opponents will then campaign in those areas heavily. In this case, if that had and the illegals were not allowed to vote. HRC would have lost, but now we would be responsible as we now eliminated the one protection that usually would work to protect the republic.

Maybe Electorial reform is more in line with stronger laws to stop super PACs from directing elections from the armchair, this is what in part, hurt us this present election. Remember why they released so much negative DEM emails and the immoral methods that they used to subvert voters and punish those who got in their way. This was not an election we can be proud of."

Would these comments validate having you banned from a news site??

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 Cinnamon    27,687

News sites are shutting off comment sections lately.  I'm surprised MJ hasn't done it, too. Your comment is educational.  The gatekeepers don't want more waking up. That's why you got banned.  If people truly understand the Electoral College and its function, the gatekeepers lose power and so do the elite. 

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 LuckyBolt    1,764

I did the same thing to some people I know on facebook that were ranting and raving about wanting to abolish the EC vote.  I simply shared with them an educational video about the EC, below.

You can't fix stupid, but at least you can try and throw what little education we have left to the masses to try and wake them up.  Unfortunately, your free education doesn't come with federal wage benefits and a diploma, so they don't want to spend the extra energy to actually learn something valuable.




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