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Is This The 2nd Cavalry In Texas? Military Train Loaded Down And B52 Bomber Over Texas - : Up Dated

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The photograph above left and below videos from a Steve Quayle reader in Texas help to tell the story in pictures that can't be told by mere words alone. Full of Abrams tanks, APC's, Bradley's and much more, this train was photographed heading east just southeast of Abilene, Texas and is just the latest sighting of heavy duty military equipment on the move in America prior to the official start of Jade Helm 15 and the coming end of America as explained in much more detail in the 1st video below from Alex Jones called "TPP: America Will Be Conquered Tomorrow." In the 2nd video below and picture top right from ANP reader Stacy White, we see a very low flying B52 bomber flying over Snyder, Texas.



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Note to my OutPost friends . CasspersSoapbox_120Infadale.jpg.c417b8f4

I have not been around much this past week or so . I have been looking around a army base in N.W. Illinois for military moments .  It has been known to be closed over the past 15 years but is still guarded . Night views and then pictures have been hard to take my camera is not the best . But I can say this it is full of military vehicles and the people living in the town have told me crazy stories about vehicle moments over the last few weeks . I will continue the research ! And then post what info here .

I am still with you all . I hate this copy and paste shit . I would rather go out and find my own stuff . I am good at it ! But money has been a problem .  


 Subject Savanna Ill. Army Depot

I am thinking most of this is bull shit ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savanna_Army_Depot


This site gives some info but I don't know how accurate it is, but I will post a link to it here .

I have had people tell me that there has been new building going on with now barbed wire and razor wire turned in !!



Again some of the town's people have told me some crazy stories . Gun mounts on trucks going in and out . Humvees and troop transports and large semi trucks . They tell me that this happens mostly at night and that they have never seen this much movement before here at night .


FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders

I added this link it shows that the Savanna Army Depot is a location of a FEMA camp in the Illinois .




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