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Locked out: Jeanette Finicum struggles with BLM after shooting death of her husband, LaVoy, by Oregon State Troopers

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 DarkKnightNomeD    2,096

Fk im tired of all of this, an operation to take down Bureau of Land Management should start soon, or when republicans start taking over.



Locked out: Jeanette Finicum struggles with BLM after shooting death of her husband, LaVoy, by Oregon State Troopers



Her husband will never return to trail the cows to winter range again, but Jeanette Finicum is determined that she will get the job done, eventually.

Although she’s provided a check to fully cover fines assessed over the last year, the Arizona rancher continues to be locked out of both her winter and summer grazing ranges.

Jeanette, whose husband Robert “LaVoy” Fincium was shot and killed by Oregon State Troopers last January, has managed grazing decisions on their northern Arizona ranch alone since his Jan. 26, 2016 death.

Pounding staples, doctoring sick calves and putting out mineral are on Jeanette’s list of tasks to complete throughout the year. Those are the easy jobs. She can soon add a much more painful item to the list: filing suit against the Bureau of Land Management. She plans to file suit within the next two weeks.

“My husband is dead because he went out to help the Hammonds. He stood for them and now they (the federal government) are trying real hard to make an example out of my husband. This is what will happen if you dare stand up. It’s like they are saying ‘you get in your place and don’t get out of it again or we’ll put you in solitary confinement or we’ll kill you.’ That’s what I see happening — innocent people are in jail right now.” Jeanette Finicum

The Finicums manage two separate grazing permits – summer and winter. Their 16,000 acres of winter range is to be grazed between Oct. 15 and May 15.

During the fall of 2015, LaVoy decided to utilize one pasture of his of winter range that hadn’t been grazed in six years. “The grass was really tall and he said, ‘I’m going to let the cows use the grass.’” Although his range allotment agreement allows him 169 AUMs, LaVoy had never turned out more than 70 head of cows on his winter range – in fact, many years it was less than that. He put his cattle on this pasture about 40 days before Oct. 15.

In order to best utilize the grass, some of the 70 cows remained on that pasture throughout the winter, and others were moved “on top” to the “mountain” where the rest of the winter range is located.

“As ranchers we take into consideration all of these things – we want to use the grass in a way that is best for the grass,” Jeanette said.

Jeanette explains that the land that she and LaVoy always considered their “summer” range is actually a small allotment that allows for maintenance of 35 AUMS year round, but they only used the land in the summer.

“It wouldn’t serve that property well (to graze it year round). We want to be good stewards of the range,” she said. “I know there are bad apples out there but most ranchers want the land to be well taken care of to be able to produce and stay healthy.”

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Almost missed this, I really pray Trump goes after the criminals at the BLM.

He should release the Hammonds and the Bundy groups too.

He should also, get us out of the United Nations and their occult Agenda 21 New World Order.

Better yet, kick them out and turn the building into a homeless shelter.

I would rather people down on their luck lived in that building, rather than the scum living there now.

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