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Fox River Mall in Grand Chute on lockdown after incident

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 Cinnamon    15,963

Police and other emergency services in Wisconsin are responding to an incident at the Fox River Mall in Grand Chute, prompting a lockdown and partial evacuation. There is no indication of a shooting or an active shooter situation. (more)


I think this is the correct scanner feed:


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 radio doc    350

all it takes these days is to go boo, to scare the hell out of ppl, a 12yr old can evacuate a school with a pencil by writing something on a bathroom wall, this hysterical overreacting breeds more of it, it self -replicates and grows exponentially.

i mean ppl seem to love to escalate things, and make mountains out of ant hills these days.

and its basis is nothing more than the petty stuff that weve had all along. only difference is media to amplify it, and create a story out of it, and then give it to the gov as an excuse for something.

my local shopping mall (monroeville, pa) has been in the news with something that was an every day occurrence, and relatively minor. they have had worse things happen there that didnt even make the news at all!

if they think the scene at the mall was bad, then they havent been to any of the high schools around here! 

comparing it to the sixties and seventies it aint squat!  and applying todays political correctness of today, along with the media pumping it up, the entire class of 77 would all be lifers in prison now. 

kdka' talk shows harped on it all day today, the 6 o'clock news was pumping it up too!

maybe there were real news worthy incidents elsewhere at malls that they put on top of the pile of crap they present, but if you look deep under it, there are things that got inflated out of proportion like my local mall, just so the media can say it was a 20 mall social media conspiracy.

that mall gets so overcrowded and caotic, you can trigger panic with a sneeze, so whats next a cdc response for it?

💩 you can amuse some ppl with a ball of string these days or panic them with it!

maybe i should have posted this in the mega thread? 


Edited by radio doc

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