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Breaking | 5.6 earthquake hits romania

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 Tarmalen    1,009

Dracula is pissed that these heathens have been passing off his work as their work.

He is about to go on a rampage and resupply his stock of "global elitest" blood for his hibernation.

Edited by Tarmalen
What can I say? I am human and made a spelling error....spelling.error..rer.......reboot sequence initiated.

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 Tarmalen    1,009
2 minutes ago, Ukshep said:

This looks as if its a foreshock....

Haven't looked at the graphs...would rather stay in my "safe space" ....MOMMYYYY!!!!!!!! (I suppose I will now go look...dang you Shep!(Love you Shep!))


Brilliant novel idea....Earthquakes are actually nuclear wars fought by "others" on the surface of earth and the shocker is that we are living on the roof of their inner earth and to top it all off the surface earth and inner earth are one and the same but separated by time! If someone writes this novel at least send me enough money for a case of beer, a carton of cigarettes, and another ounce of Sativa.

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