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Dutchsinse & Ben Fulford's Dragon Society /REDUX

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Today is June 24 , 2015

In 2013 ....."Dutchsinse" told a strange story

A LOP thread about it is here:




and now , in June 2015........ again



The White Dragons have returned.
Everything I told you , they offered Tatoott and I a chance to JOIN, they offered us MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to make videos to convince our viewers!
The offered me a chance to be a part of the upper group of organizers.. to be high up in the organization.
At the time I didn't know there were HUNDREDS of other people already involved, and that fellow video makers on youtube had already taken the bait.
My response to their offer was to infiltrate as far as I could without fully joining, and then OUTED THEM FULLY.
That was in 2013. I told the world, and few believed me.
Now, they're back, and they apparently are going forward with this plan to offer thousands of dollars per month to everyone in the world.


I told you then, in 2013... and now.. here they are.

People said tatoott and I were making it all up, and didn't believe that we were offered .. that I was offered, millions of dollars, and a chance to be in a high position within...
It all hit the fan after I outed them, as my long time viewers can remember.. months of harassment followed on all angles.




Dutchsinse~~~~~~ I've got a creative mind, but even I couldn't come up with something that wild!
The crazy thing (and I mean crazy!) is that when I looked into things, that's when it all went south for me online.
Then, the guy we knew who actually took the offer.. came back straight up a changed man.. you might remember him.... the guy we were friends with who then relayed death threats TO TATOOTT directly over the phone saying I was going to be killed because these "rich and very powerful" people don't like dutchsinse or tatoott (mike and jay) for exposing the whole thing.
People don't understand, I was offered a full UN diplomats position as well.
It was very serious at the time, because I knew they weren't playing around.
Watching my video, I can understand how it would be hard to believe, but it became very serious very quick after I exposed who they were, and what they were offering.
Apparently there were hundreds of people already who had taken the Sworn Oath, and accepted the money... the goal in 2013 was to recruit trusted video makers in the truth community, to help craft + shape a message about accepting this coming money offer... and how they have enough gold to supply money to the world through the UN.
They said we would have access to multiple hundreds of millions of dollars worth of funds to accomplish this goal, and offered multiple millions of dollars up front as a "bonus".
The offered us airfare over to Asia to MEET the people executing the plan.
That's how I knew it was fairly "real".. they were offering to fly us over.


Dutchsinse ~~~~~Why having a foreign source dole out money to the world to live on is a BAD idea?
Free money is never free.
It always comes with strings attached.
Anyone GIVING money away to the world has an agenda, one which is driven by the LOVE of money.
The love of money is the root of all evil.
Oh.. and because the guy running the UN operation calls himself "king of kings" and other very strange occult like name.
And , before I forget, one final reason why having a secret society giving out money to the world (to influence the world) is a bad idea... is that the origins of this secret society is very dark indeed.
Any time we have secret groups , with shadowy leaders, who are trying to influence the WORLD using their wealth... I'd say it's a bad thing.
That's the problem. Just a little bit of NEW WORLD ORDER takeover.. nothing big.


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