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Sixth Mass Extinction on Earth Has Begun and Could Endanger The Human Race

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The sixth mass extinction on Earth has already begun and humans are the driving force behind it, warns a new study.

According to the study from a group of American scientists, species are disappearing at a rate 100 times faster than would normally be expected.

Experts predict that within three generations, humans will be affected by changes in the global ecosystem such as reduced crop pollination as insect species die out.

The study published on Science Advances, warns that 75% of the species currently on Earth could become extinct within two generations. The authors explain:

“The evidence is incontrovertible that recent extinction rates are unprecedented in human history and highly unusual in Earth’s history.

“Our analysis emphasizes that our global society has started to destroy species of other organisms at an accelerating rate, initiating a mass extinction episode unparalleled for 65 million years”.

The group of scientists say that avoiding a sixth mass extinction “will require rapid, greatly intensified efforts to conserve already threatened species and to alleviate pressures on their populations—notably habitat loss, overexploitation for economic gain, and climate change.”

According to the study, the current mass  extinction is largely caused by population growth and consumption rates and economic inequity, resulting in the destruction of natural habitats.

The last mass extinction occurred around 65million years ago and wiped the dinosaurs off the face of the Earth, supposedly following an asteroid strike.

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