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Big-Spending IRS Agents Blew Thousands On Luxury Apartments, Black Car Services

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The Internal Revenue Service assiduously monitors the expenses you claim on your taxes every year but is not as careful when it comes to its own employees, according to a Senate report released Wednesday and first obtained by Fox News.

While one IRS agent spent a $40,000 five-month stay at Washington, D.C.’s Grand Hyatt, the Senate Finance Committee report reveals this is only one high-end example. The IRS allowed 27 employees to spend a little more than $1.4 million on long-term travel expenses in the fiscal year 2015, including luxury apartment bookings and excursions to five-star hotels, resulting in some IRS employees amassing an average per annum travel claim of $52,000.


Scum! :onfire:

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When I stated at The Four Seasons in Tucson......the escort service fees were hidden on the bill...and the hookers worked as employees so their pay checks reflected services that were not suspicious.


so, when gov pigs...get their hands on free money to buy courtesies and privileges......they become criminals who aren't punished.  They're goals are always selfishness.  They're minds are immature.


Gov power is always anything but altruistic: big cases...headlines...scapegoating...scoring a touchdown for the team to get a pat on the head, that's how cops think.  When I gave the fags in blue big criminal cases......FBI-DOJ hid under their desks and made cowardly selfish punk excuses because they had to vet their actions through a lens of self interest ( the gov police state always protects an undeserved credibility over law and order).


bad oversight policy as part of the intoxicating Authoritarian arrogance....creates this kind of hypocrisy for the badges benefit.

Not one punk good solid citizen in Sioux Falls, SD, ever was publicly heard criticizing a ****** Judge who gave Bill Janklow a 100 day sentence in county jail with work release for vehicle manslaughter (other people got years of state pen time).


Disparity in sentencing is how pigs get stupid and arrogant: rank has proviledges?


Never trust a Gov stooge rat: they think rank has privileges???!!!!.....and they think they're above us all as special godlike stupid superstars.  That's what military morons eat and puke out all day long.  Military programming subverts the constitution: all men are created equal and have inalienable rights to be free of slavery and tyranny.


Your enemy is always the smug power tripping slob criminals with badges....who are above the law.



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