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Black man kills Black Cop ..Where are the riots?

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 CGK    2,165

I guess this event doesn't play into the killer cop, race baiting agenda that is being pushed so hard in America.


A handcuffed prisoner in a moving police cruiser managed to grab a gun, fatally shoot the officer at the wheel and escape from the vehicle, which careened into a utility pole at a busy intersection, police said Saturday.

Officer Daryle Holloway, 45, died at a hospital, police chief Michael Harrison said. Meanwhile, an intense manhunt was on for Travis Boys, 33, the suspect who had been arrested on an aggravated assault charge and was being taken to jail when he escaped.


(Update - They just caught the guy) http://www.nola.com/


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 jayke911    105

would you rather see a white kill black cop..... or black kill black cop..... who should get asll that fun?

 what about black killing white cop?


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 Lucy Barnable    2,659

No riots over the white cop who shot and killed a white teen either.

No charges in police shooting of Deven Guilford

An Eaton County Sheriff's sergeant's actions in a fatal shooting in February were lawful, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

Eaton County Prosecutor Doug Lloyd said he reviewed the investigation by Michigan State Police, video from Sgt. Jonathan Frost's body camera and footage from the cell phone of 17-year-old Deven Guilford, who was filming the traffic stop after being pulled over by Frost near Grand Ledge. Frost's patrol vehicle did not have a dash camera.

Guilford, who was unarmed, was shocked with a stun gun after not complying with Frost's commands and then was shot seven times following an altercation with the officer.

"No one wins in these particular situations, but it's the prosecutor's responsibility to look at the facts, make a determination from the facts — was there a crime or was there not a crime?" Lloyd said.

Guilford's family said they will seek justice elsewhere following Lloyd's decision.


Family of teen fatally shot by police questions prosecutor's decision to not issue charges

Deven Guilford's family said in a June 16 statement they "intend to pursue other remedies to vindicate Deven's civil rights." The statement was released shortly after the announcement that the Eaton County Prosecutor's Office has decided not to issue charges against Sheriff's Sgt. Jonathon Frost for the seven fatal shots he fired on Feb. 28 during a traffic stop on M-43 west of Cochran.

His family said the teen was going to his girlfriend's house after playing basketball at his church.

Guilford, of Mulliken Township, was stopped by Frost after he "flashed his bright lights to alert the oncoming officer that his brights appeared to be on." He was the third person to do so that evening, as Frost was traveling in a new vehicle with high-intensity headlights, the statement said.



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 CGK    2,165

No riots over the white cop who shot and killed a white teen either.

 Thanks for posting that article Lucy!  It helps prove the point that It only plays in the Media when a white officer shoots a black person because that works for their race baiting, divide and conquer agenda.



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