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Just 12 months for attempted murder of a would be president

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 Malevolent    3,433

Yes, you read correctly - 12 months and Would be


A British man has been sentenced to 12 months and one day in prison over his attempt to grab a gun in a bid to kill Donald Trump.

Michael Sandford, 20, pleaded guilty in September to being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function.

He was accused of grabbing a policeman's gun at a rally in Las Vegas in order to shoot at the candidate.

His mother says "he is remorseful over what he did".

Sandford, of Dorking, Surrey, had faced up to 10 years in prison over the alleged assassination plot.

The court heard that he could be eligible for release in four months' time, at which point he will be deported to the UK.

The defence team said their client is autistic and suffers seizures and obsession-compulsion anxiety. <More>



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 Malevolent    3,433
24 minutes ago, Jostler said:

And the article goes on to say he'll likely be out in 4 months.....geeze.


Jip, that is unfortunately the case with most sentences.  We had a local "hero" who shot and killed his girlfriend on valentines day - he got 5 years and was out after only serving a 6th of that sentence 10 months..  Yes, there was an appeal and he was re-sentenced but fact of the matter is that a sentence in most cases is over-ruled by some form of legislation which permits XYZ if ABC is done according to QWERTY etc, etc.  It's a bit of a farce if you ask me..


Example of Criminal Procedures Act:


Minimum periods to be served before placement is considered

It is important to note that although the new parole boards will consider submissions in respect of all categories offenders presented to it, the new requirements in terms of minimum periods of imprisonment that must be served before parole can be considered will only be applicable to offenders sentenced after 1 October 2004. This implies that all persons sentenced prior to promulgation of the new legislation will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the existing legislation (Act 8 of 1959). In other words offenders sentenced in the past and prior to the promulgation of the new legislation need not fear that the new legislation will hold negative implications with regards to the minimum periods that they must serve before parole can be considered.

In respect of offenders sentenced after 1 October 2004, the following minimum periods of imprisonment must be served before they may be considered for possible placement on parole: 

Determinate sentences: Half of the sentence or the non parole period as specified by the court or 25 years of the sentence, whichever is the shortest period.

Life imprisonment:    After having served twenty five years

Persons declared Habitual Criminals: After having served at least seven years

Scheduled offences in terms of the Criminal Law Amendment Act: After serving 80% of the sentence but the court may rule that only two thirds of the sentence need to be served

In respect of offender’s who can be considered for placement under Correctional Supervision or referred back to the court a quo for possible conversion of sentence into Correctional Supervision the following periods must be served:

Section 276 1(i) of the Criminal Procedure Act.

      1/6 of sentence must be served prior to placement under Correctional Supervision by the Commissioner. Sentence may not exceed 5 years.

Section 276(1) (b) of the Criminal Procedure Act.      

Normal term of imprisonment which may be referred to the court a quo upon completion of 1/4 of sentence for possible conversion of sentence in terms of section 276A (3). The portion of sentence left to be served may not exceed 5 years.

Section 287(4) (a) of the Criminal Procedure Act.

      Option of a fine as alternative to imprisonment where the sentence does not exceed 5 years: As soon as possible after admission subject to certain conditions.

Section 287 (4) (b) of the Criminal Procedure Act.

      Option of a fine as alternative to imprisonment where the sentence exceeds 5 years imprisonment. Upon completion of 1/4 of sentence case may be referred to court a quo for possible conversion.

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 Cryptic Mole    5,150

Awww, the poor wittle baby. Was too stupid to know what he did was wrong. No fu@king mercy on an as@hole like that. The reason we have nonsense like this in the first place is because they reduce their punishment to 4 months. Until they get tough on useless people like this, this kind of activity will never end.

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 Blipkints    405

Thats funny as, none of that crap makes any sense and shows again how it's all f...ed up. 

You see our Aus autistic has life for killing 35 and wounding 20, < see that math?

The point i'm making is its an agenda, wow! Attempted murder with intent on the primeary votee for pres and that's what the judge hands down? 

Is this where the Left screams 'too harsh! the MK programing didn't work, it's not his fault.' 


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