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The Jill Stein Election Destabilization Campaign has Failed So John Podesta Tries a New Disruption Tactic to Undermine U.S. Election

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 Talon    716

Last week Pennsylvania refused to give in to the pressures from DNC insiders as they denied the recount effort officially. They have certified their election results. Stein, still hoping to serve her masters, filed a federal lawsuit to stop them but the Trump campaign countered that effort and the Pennsylvania results will be officially recorded.

Wisconsin has finished their recount effort as of this weekend and they are also officially filing their results. Trump ended up with 131 more votes.

Michigan is still up in the air but it doesn’t matter. They needed every one of those three states to withhold their Electoral College votes in order to stop Trump’s victory. With Wisconsin and Pennsylvania certifying results, Stein’s efforts have come to a close.

Essentially, the Jill Stein election destabilization campaign has failed. Enough EC votes will be turned in today for Donald Trump to reach the key 270 vote total needed to secure the election.

Electronic voting machines have not been proven to have been manipulated or even that they could be. Remember, Stein’s original filing for Wisconsin focused ENTIRELY on the fake news that Russia “could have” influenced the election.

For those of us who value REAL investigations into the “black box” voting systems we have here in the States (I have been covering this type of election fraud for years) I would like too say Jill Stein’s bullshit effort, probably sponsored by John Podesta himself, has set us back at least a decade. Now that her BS “investigation” is complete, folks in the future will look to this example as proof that there is no election rigging in our current system.

Thanks Jill. Hope you got paid well for that.

In the wake of this failure John Podesta has embarked on a new effort to stop the will of the people.

He and 11 of the 535 Electoral College voters are trying to get them to postpone the official vote scheduled to take place on Dec. 19th so they can be briefed by the CIA on their fake news that Russia “hacked” the election. That’s the same argument made in Jill Stein’s first official filing to the state of Wisconsin isn’t it? What a coincidence.

The effort by the 11 EC voters is lead by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter and includes 10 democrats and 1 republican.

“On Monday, a group of 10 presidential electors led by Christine Pelosi, the daughter of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, demanded to be briefed on Russian hacking into the election. The CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian agents were interfering with the election, and the CIA now believes the goal was to aid Trump.” The Atlantic

What they want is to have Capitalism’s Invisible Army meet with all 535 EC voters in order to present them with their fabricated propaganda regarding Vladamir Putin hacking the election. At least, that is what they are saying.

What they really want is to disrupt the election process long enough to nullify the election results which, according to our laws, would allow the member of the House of Representatives to elect the next president.

This undemocratic effort is being led by John Podesta. As I have shown, he was the one behind the Jill Stein destabilization effort and he is also behind this new one that came along just after it became clear his first effort with the now discredited Jill Stein failed. A Tweet from Alex Seitz-Wald shows how Podesta and the Clinton campaign have “gotten behind” this effort, just like they did with the Jill Stein recount campaign. Notice the language used in Podesta’s statement is almost a word for word recycling of Jill Stein’s first filing with the Wisconsin election commission asking for a recount.


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The fear is that Russia could do something while we have Mr. Lame Duck for the last 8 years being a lame duck in the lame duck session...forget the lame hacked election machines that aren't connected to the network anywhere...

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