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This was written just before the elections . I think it's a good read and this guy seems to hit the nail right on the head of the subject . Enjoy ! He is no doubt a Trump supporter but is keeping his eyes wide open as we all should . I to have hope; I want to see America Great Again but I do understand the president is a puppet on the most part, with that being said I hope that Trump has a good set of brass knuckles because he will need them if he is going to defend the American dream .



By Jack Mullen

(November 1, 2016) There is now less than a week remaining in America as we know it now.

I don't know what America will be like next year at this time -- but it will not be the same. The election will be the time of great awakening - when traditional European Americans realize, with a jolt, their nation, system of government, culture and way of life has been stolen, including the physical assets of wealth.

It will be after the election when Americans realize no President has had any connection to the direction or control of America since William H. Taft was defeated by election manipulation by the Wilson democrats in 1912.

2016 is a 1912 Rhyme -- After 1912 America changed forever.  Then, like now, most were oblivious as the nation lost a war to invading banking psychopaths; a bloodless war, but a violent war none the less.  The nation was stabbed in the heart, never to recover; Constitutional government ceded to corporate piracy, American assets turned over to banking parasites, a people stripped of Sovereignty and reality gave way to Bread and Circuses.   

The first order of business after the 1912 election was, in this order, WAR, WAR and WAR. The bankers in victory were now funding all sides of any first world conflicts and the Big Business of starting war, and the assault on white built civilization, was fully funded, locked and loaded, and kicked off in earnest in 1914. Not coincidentally, it was just as soon as the new Wilson puppet government was installed and the proper Constitutional Amendments fraudulently added, the wars began.

It took just a few years for the American people to be carefully manipulated, deceived and false flagged into physically getting into the war, already in progress; it all happened just as planned.

Read the whole post here : http://www.thegovernmentrag.com/1912-2016-the-world-on-the-edge-forever.html#.WE_m6LnHRJA

quote a comment from the page

Thinkin' the president runs the country is like thinkin' Aunt Jemima runs Quaker Oats.


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