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10 Weird And Truly Terrifying Plants

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 Cinnamon    14,420

Our world is covered with plants, and we are surrounded. Previous lists have addressed some rather potent plant poisons, but this list looks at killer plants on an entirely new level of lethality. It’s not just picking petals or tasting berries that can kill. In some cases, just approaching the plant is enough to die. In this terrifying account, we will look at the sight-robbing potential of Giant Hogweed, the bizarre neurotoxic plant that can make you rob your own house, and the explanation behind Biblical legends of blood filled waters.

This list is fully referenced to document the dangers that lurk among the leaves . . . and the beaches.


This is an older article but still relevant. These plants are pretty bizarre. Death by plant!


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 Tude    26

I'm surprised they didn't list jimson weed.  Every part of the plant is poisonous.  And it's amazing how many people I see have it in their garden.  Some of my traveling kids came upon some hogweed - and one guy fell into a patch of it - showed a pic of his burns (reacts to sunlight).  I was in FL a couple weeks ago and went to a lovely large fresh water spring called wakulla springs (had manatees!!!) - and there in the middle of the springs were a group of trees and some plants growing - there stood a group of plants that were relatives to hogweed (I thought they were hogweed) - and identified as poisonous by the tour guide - luckily the swimming area is only down on the one end - with alligator netting up surrounding it. 

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