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What World Do We Enter Under DMT and Ayahuasca

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In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Dennis McKenna about psychedelics drugs, their role in society, the recent upsurge in knowledge of them and how use of them can transform society. Dennis is an American ethnopharmacologist, research pharmacognosist, lecturer and author. He is the brother of well-known psychedelics proponent Terence McKenna and is a founding board member and the director of ethnopharmacology at the Heffter Research Institute, a non-profit organization concerned with the investigation of the potential therapeutic uses of psychedelic medicines.

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These practice are very dangerous 

the purpose is to bring you to the step of death and not let you fall over 

not recomened  for the faint of heart

you  also run the risk of getting lost 

not my idea of fun

there are safer ways than the drugs

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