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New's Site to Correct Fake news propegation!!

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We should start producing lists of DEM super PAC contributors who produce lies that subvert the truth for their betterment!!  This is truly where "FAKE NEWS" has always started. We forget that these Super PACS have subverted the truth for decades to change outcomes of elections, that's their purpose in life, nothing else.

Why are these issues not being addressed by any MSM outlets?  Is it that they don't understand how Super Pacs work, or is it that we are not supposed to challenge them due to the fact they are the easy way to pay off reporters and agencies to validate their Candidate's position?  Is it possible that Super Pacs actually produce fake news sites to subvert the opinion of our citizens?? Yes, this is not only possible, its the truth, and can be a great article to start on to gain the trust and its following, necessary to correct the Governments take-over of all MSM and Alt media outlets.

To be one with the NEWS.
 "Is it not a responsibility of our generation to produce news, that counters the lies that are being produced, to subvert national opinions without facts or validation? "

To be quite frank, I would pay the registration fee for  the URL address if we could get enough serious contributors who can be trusted to produce the truth!!  Not to sound like an ass, but I have some decent news sites that follow my Secret Twitter account due to the fact I produce insightful answers to the left and Rights agendas that include "lying to the public" in any manner.  This is the type of news site that would do well in the market if we could get enough serious contributors. To be frank,  Conspiracy Theory sites and news outlets do not do as well, due to the fact they limit the audience to C.T., and those who wish to disprove or misinform, (Yes, this is a stigma we must live within).   Let's be honest with each other and remember the fact "CONSPIRACY THEORY" is an invented term made up by the CIA to subvert the truth that was coming from Valid non-main stream Government controlled news agencies. The truth, they could not control, so they made it seem improper as fact or unlikely, due to this terminology. This was, and is, the only reason we have the negative stereotype associated with CT. when in fact it has always been the C.T's who produce most of the truth!!  Are any of you serious enough to be a contributor to REAL NEWS?   

As many of you may have guessed I am a C.T's who tries to disprove all theories before posting the truth. It is imperative that we research, refine, and be responsible when making press releases that could affect the public's opinion of what is real, and definitely what is considered or implied to be FAKE. The truth would be the only direction for some, once they start to trust the content.  I believe that is possible, and without any direct compensation for the reporting, this would breed an air of trust that would be required for this to work.  My background in Bus. Mgt and marketing are extensive and my analysis of many of you lead me to believe we have a few real strong contributors here that would be an asset to the truth in reporting.  To simply repost stories that other's write is just reproducing the stereotype of how misreporting has become rampant and contributes to the fake news with an opinion that is easily debunked by simple research.  With real NEWS this will slowly subvert the fake news with (copyrighted articles) the truth that must now be paid for to repost.  This could, in essence, protect all real news from being propagated without consent and payment. Protecting  the integrity of the writers and the site.  

A simple business model for simple times....from a retired Security professional and business Analyst with 7 companies to his name and senior VP of one publically traded Tech business. 

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