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Just Lookin

Good video on the Rotherham (uk) child exploitation cases.

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Mr. Joshua   
Mr. Joshua

it's disgusting, ive seen enough now..now i'm just angry the longer they get away with it


if u see the main page it will tell u things like kaitlyn jenner is number 1 trending and other rubbish i dnt know, i didnt see 1 mention of pizzagate or podesta wikileaks anything..however type it in search and pizza gate is at 100 still peaking :) i think they cannot shut this down it's too late, and all the msm will go down with it, as they should..i really hope the good guys win this fight, even though we have barely scratched the surface, this can all fall apart fast if enough people in power do the right thing..and look how much money we will save if half or more is kicked out of their high paying jobs, lawyers/judges/politicians/all them leeches getting rich of taxpayers..i pray to god they all go down and we as society should have no mercy for any of them, even those in the media should be charged or(well i wanna say lynched) but i cant

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