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How The False Russian Hack Narrative Started

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It's been a while since it all began and it can be difficult to remember who said what, where and when regarding the "big bad Russian hackers". This story is BS and we know it yet the MSM, HRC, DNC and a large portion of the public all either believe it or are pushing it. Not a single one of the "17 intelligence agencies" has stated that it is unequivocally Russian hackers". The closest they came is saying that the hack is consistent with the methods employed by the Kremlin. Hmmmm. I use a similar method to hit a baseball but it doesn't make be Miguel Cabrera! During the 3rd debate HRC said "17 intelligence agencies all agree that Russian hackers are behind this". Um, no they don't. Yet the msm grabbed onto that statement and still won't let go. Even Obama has gotten in on it and announced a full investigation into the Russian hacking to manipulate our election. If Russia was soooo good at hacking our election, why did HRC win the popular vote? 

So where did this all start? How did this Russian narrative begin and become gospel after HRC stated it during a debate? 

It started with a story based on a fake Wikileaks email. The writer quickly realized the error and deleted the story 19 minutes after posting it. Yet it had been shared 1,000 times by then. And Newsweek ran a big story on the Russians and refused to retract it even after the reporter told them it was false. It's obvious this was a narrative somebody wanted pushed. This link details what happened. So use this information the next time somebody blames the Russians.


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