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Trump, Machiavellian Prince

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OK, Dittoheads (Rush Limbaugh followers),

what has El Rushbo got to say about Trump considering Romney and other former enemies for cabinet positions? How could he even consider any of those Trump haters?

Rush says that the Donald is too smart and savvy to appoint only those who supported him in the campaign. Trump is keeping his friends close and his enemies closer. 



You've always heard the allegation, "That's very Machiavellian," and it's an insult in many cases 'cause Machiavelli was a strategist and he was practiced in the art of deceit and in human nature.  I'll read it to you explicitly, but here's the paraphrase.  The paraphrase is that it's always better for the prince -- in this case, Trump.  The prince is the primary subject.  The prince is the leader.  The prince is the winner.  The prince is the alpha dog.  The prince is the person everybody bows down to.  Not a royalty prince, just top dog.  


And Machiavelli didn't theorize, he stated that the prince is much better served by putting opponents, people who opposed him in positions of power because they must, in order to secure and save and operate in those positions of power with approval, they must perform by action their duties in unquestioned loyalty to the prince. Whereas if the prince goes out and finds the people who were his most vocal supporters from the get-go and puts them in positions of power, the odds are they're never going to be happy because they're always going to think they should have had more. 


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