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Learn About It! Obama Shut Down Air Defense System Along US/Mexico Border

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Published on Jun 18, 2015

What this shows is that this effort to globalize us by moving populations across sovereign borders has not changed since 2013, rather, it has not gotten better, but worse, I and others did not know he had officially shut down our air defense. We do know that he has since then given instructions to back off from enforcement and the Border Patrol are not happy with it. Remember, the border patrol were placed under HOMELAND SECURITY, which is the equivalent of the German Gestapo established in WW II.
If we didn’t know about this at time, then its possible others did not as well…. so read and you decide if this was worth publishing. I am wondering if Jade Helm, was in part, to desensitize the Texas Border and allow unfettered entrance of illegals into the USA. Obama is still battling the Sheriff in AZ, so there has been no change with respect to his position on opening our borders to facilitate globalizing by defacto population movements across sovereign lines, as it also happening in Europe. We best keep an eye on this and raise holy hell if it does not stop.


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