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WiFi-Capable Brain Implants: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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 Talon    716

The latest creation from Elon Musk is the one that should have you worried.

If you thought the Apple Watch was a bit much, wait until you hear about this.

The next creation from Musk is “Neural Lace,” a computer interface implanted directly into the human brain.  As one example, it could allow users  to connect to the Internet nearly by thinking about it.

It could either be passive, representing an implanted, glorified smartphone, or it could be active and directly communicate back and forth with our mind by interfering with our brain’s thought patterns. Musk is a firm believer that artificial intelligence (AI) will outmaneuver our own in the future, and this could be seen as a way of allowing us to “team up” with it – to keep pace with it, so we aren’t left behind. (source)

It wouldn’t even have to be surgically implanted.

Musk says that, since neurons depend on constant blood flow to function well, a neural lace could be injected into the jugular and then carried, via blood, to the cortical neurons. Such a procedure, though frightening in theory, would be far less invasive than brain surgery. Scientists already figured out how to do so in mice, and hope to do so for humans, too. (source)

It seems obvious to me that Musk hasn’t watched the latest Terminator movie. If he had, he couldn’t possibly think this is a good idea. Because this is basically like giving Skynet access to the brains of humanity.


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 Walk Softly    3,285

I stand by my theory.  Transhumanism (making you immortal) is the one thing that you could choose that would whole heartedly deny God.  

All men must die.  

It's also the only thing that would explain this:

Revelation 9:6 "And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them."


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