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U.S. President Ronald Reagan Asked Mikhail Gorbachev To Team Up To Battle Alien Invasion” (Video)

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 (N.Morgan) Many people regard Ronald Reagan as one of the greatest presidents in US history.

A man’s man among presidents. His insight into the future and the paranormal was obsolete among his peers, during his time as president.

In a stunning revelation it has come to light that President Reagan appealed to the leader of the Russia, then Mikhail Gorbachev to join forces against a possible alien invasion.

Did Reagan know something the rest of us didn’t at the time? Was the world in peril facing this possible threat?

It is not a secret that sensationalist journalism has talked about Ronald Reagan’s fascination with astrology and extraterrestrial life for a long time, even though mainstream media never gave the subject much importance, the truth is that Ronald Wilson Reagan became the first president of the United States to speak publicly about the possibility of an alien invasion.

More with Video http://beforeitsnews.com/beyond-science/2015/06/us-president-ronald-reagan-asked-mikhail-gorbachev-to-team-up-to-battle-alien-invasion-video-2449408.html

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