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DEEP Alternative ~ Antidote to the Popular Lemming "Alternative"

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So this little photo is a glimpse into the New World Order propaganda machine. It shows you two of the political figures and three of the talking heads who are out there shilling for the globalists and their new economic system. When I remember back to my own second awakening back in 2009, Peter Schiff was one of the first guys who really got my attention. I thought to myself at the time, “Man, this guy is really standing up and telling the truth!” I even contributed what little I could to his Senate campaign. It was only after years of sorting through bullsh*t that I finally started to see the bigger con game of which he was a part.



Alternative/Conspiracy forums over the past 10 years have been herded into a Pod-people mindset ..only one-step removed from the 

general population pod-people mindset ....This is another take that stands out from the crowd .









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