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Fourth echelon

Stop ignoring the ‘cyber Pearl Harbor’

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What if a team of Chinese agents had broken into the Pentagon or — less box office but just as bad — the US Office of Personnel Management and carted out classified documents?

The next day, the newspapers and morning TV shows would show pictures of the broken locks and rummaged filing cabinets. And if we caught the Chinese spies in the act, perp-walking them for the world to see?

My hunch is that the airwaves would be full of people talking about how “this was an act of war.” And I have no doubt that if the situation were reversed and we had sent our team to Beijing, the Chinese would definitely see it as an act of war.

Meanwhile, in real life, the Chinese stole millions of personnel files and mountains of background-check information from the US government.

I suppose I should say the Chinese “allegedly” stole the information, but many lawmakers, government officials, anonymous intelligence sources and industry experts are convinced that the Chinese did it.



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 I couldnt care less because these overpaid and mostly un necessary burracrats are the system that does the same to We the People and collects  all information including all the surveillance and snooping gathered by the UN American garbage  the Patriot Act started and still does then hands it all to phony friends in tel aviv. I hope who ever did it uses it to destroy expose ruin  the lives of the treasonousrats  who have consistantly sold America out and put another nations interests first. I hope that the dirty little secrets of people in high places get splashed all over the news so they can be held accountable. Wouldnt it be great to see who and what our civil servants really are. Should I care about it. I guess if they arent doing anything wrong whats it matter? Remember being told that to justify the loss of Freedom and Liberty? Might be very useful someday.  

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