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Modern Archery vs Ancient Chinese and Romans

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Archery enthusiasts, even the best ones... constantly fall into the trap, that modern archery and swords equipment would never be able to take on the ancient Chinese.


Modern Archery and stabbing weapons and cutlery would Decimate the Ancient Chinese / Romans.
Decimate... not defeat... decimate.. cream them.

This is how...

For one thing... swords, cutlery, spears and stabbing weapons, and archery have evolved along with everything else.

Today...  the best Archery that I can find, with a good archer, hits with a velocity of about 450 feet per second.
That is not only several times the velocity of the Ancient Chinese and Roman archery..
It would also slice right through their armor... based on test results.

Not to mention that they rely on old, traditional points on their arrows...   we have developed arrow heads that fit onto the arrow that slices you up, and enters deep.

Deadly weapon.

We have a weapon that they didn't have...  a Machete...  razor sharp, and or swords are not only larger, but sharper, and more durably built.

Our battleaxes can slice through doors, chop an entire pig in half, take its head clean off.

Our knives come in sizes and shapes that are scientifically designed to kill... theirs are just a basic knife.

Our spears while slightly heavier,  are much thinner, and more durable.. and have arrowed, pointed heads on it,  shaped like a leaf.
Deadly weapon...
And it can be thrown very far, by a good javelin thrower.

Their spears have just basic points on them.

Not to mention that we have other technologies...  like Scopes and night vision.

So if we had about 5,000 people...  using just these simple weapons...   that are nothing but modern versions of what they have..

And training.

We would win.

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