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Native Americans Getting Fed up With White Hippies

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Native Americans Getting Fed up With White Hippies Treating #NoDAPL Protest Like a Festival

Posted November 28 2016

The #NoDAPL protests have been billed as an uprising of America’s indigenous peoples, but it can be hard to tell that sometimes given all the white left-wing activists who have joined the cause. Last week when I interviewed the deputy who has been working at the #NoDAPL riots he said some of the protesters were hurling racial taunts at Native American, black, and Hispanic law enforcement officers.

But it wasn’t Native American protesters doing the taunting. “The majority of the people I see out there were white people,” the deputy told me (audio).

He’s not the only one who sees it. It seems some of the Native American protesters in the #NoDAPL movement are getting a little fed up with hippies coming to North Dakota and treating the protest like some sort of festival:

Link : https://www.sayanythingblog.com/entry/native-americans-getting-fed-white-hippy-nodapl-protesters/

Government's thinking would be to send in a bunch of liberal trouble makers financed by many be Soros and the like .

I see the Race Card is being played and where in the hell is all the media coverage even here on the net ?

This is really a big issue get your head out of yo azz Alex Jones this is a real American issue .

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The Indians are being used by the water melons.

I do not like it.

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I've been saying this whole thing is F'd up from the word go. It's just feeding the left (and on the right) of anti government, anti authority (police) malice. I don't doubt that there are government employees are behaving badly there but I also wouldn't doubt there paid agitators on the other side either. Sure there are some local Indians that strongly oppose thing but the majority of the local Indians (from what I've found) don't seem to be as sympathetic to the cause and certainly not the protesters as they are being made out to be in most press. There was a tribal meeting the people that lived there had where they likely could have stopped this from happen long before this and it had very little interest and low attendance. It's unfortunate, but I think   that the romanticizing of the Indians and their historical struggles against the us government is often used as a tool by the media to immediately gain sympathy in some cases and i think this is one of those.

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Here is another aspect of Agenda 21 that is rarely talked about.

It's called the Public Private Partnership (PPP) it is a program where big business joins with government and government picks winners and losers.


For all we know they let this oil company spend their money completing 90% of the pipe line and are using the water melons to shut them down to put them out of business. Then later the "chosen" corporation will scoop up the pipe line for pennies on the dollar and complete it after the smoke has cleared.


Lesson 5 Agenda 21 Course

The article that goes with the video above.

Lesson 5: Public Private Partnerships



How did the socialist Mussolini define fascism.

He said it was the joining of government and industry.

A Public Private Partnership. (PPP)

Brought to you by Fabian Socialist G.W. Bush.

Whose grand pappy help fund the National SOCIALIST German workers Party (AKA the Nazis)

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