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PIZZAGATE AND THE BEAST SYSTEM w/PODCAST ft. Freeman Fly and Fritz Springmeier

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For audio podcast go to above link👆

Where is the connection between child trafficking and the net of linked computers collectively known as The BEAST System. The Future of Humanity Institute states that we will need to be clever enough to trick Artificial Intelligence into not killing all of us. How long have there been secret programs to interface a human mind with a computer. MK ULTRA victims have removed active micro-chips from the brain stem. Now that Facebook has Solar Planes beaming wifi to the farthest regions on the planet and the first world welcomes Big Brother into their houses with Google Home or Amazon Echo Dot, the net is quickly closing around us.

Study shows that those in charge of this BEAST System are the most sinister of our species. As wikileaks brings to light the Pizzagate child trafficking scandal and we learn that Spirit Cooking is an ancient occult ritual performed by the Illuminati. Known as Cakes of Light, this debased sacrament is made of feces, urine, blood, semen, and breast milk. Magic is an art and to say that rituals are simply art, well, you don't understand the point and purpose.

It seems as if you can say anything about Trump or Hillary and the public will explain it away. Unless, you are one of their minions. Why was Kanye West considered a Psychiatric Emergency after speaking out against our lying media and politicians. Giving hope to a Trump Presidency?

There is a PSYOP to defeat your personal and national will. The riots in the streets are only the beginning as the programmed Monarch Mind Control sleeper cells awaken and identity politics cloud the mind of the populace.

There is a way to outwit the BEAST Computer System without accepting nanobots in your brain. It requires faith in the miraculous and the true amazing heart of the human.

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Is it just me or does fritz springmeier look different now and not just aging he looks alot different maybe I'm just getting older idk.

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