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How Open Carry Activists Won in Texas

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,597

How Open Carry Activists Won in Texas

By Dean Weingarten on June 15, 2015


Read the rest of the article in the link above.


Open carry activists didn’t win in Texas because of public opinion, at least not on the superficial and transitory image of public opinion that’s usually measured. It was won because the activists developed means and methods to communicate around the elite establishment, grew their own organizations and vision, and exerted raw political power to bend the government to their will. Of course, they had several advantages . . .

The facts were on their side. The Constitution is on their side. And the culture is on their side. Arrayed against them were big government elites, big media, and big educrats from the university system. They weren’t asking for much, just to right an injustice perpetrated a 160 years ago. To reclaim something that was their birthright. It cost no money and it was at no risk to the population.

It wasn’t done by politely asking politicians if they would “pretty please” restore their rights. I am not saying that proper manners aren’t effective. Used properly, they’re an effective tool. Activists in the political arena quickly learn to threaten political defeat very politely. That’s what has happened with the open carry activists.

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