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Manufactured Hate: The Latest Research

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 Talon    716

A report prepared in 2012 for the Joint Chiefs of Staff entitled Neurobiological & Cognitive Science Insights on Radicalization and Mobilization to Violence: A Review  is a valuable reference for anyone wanting to understand the current social and political condition. The paper offers insight and overview into what motivates human being to violence from a neurobiological perspective. Pulling on the latest research from experts around the world, it explains the mechanics of human group think and how populations or individuals can be manipulated away and possibly towards political violence. No bad intention was advocated in the document and it was clearly an attempt at solutions for intervention. Considering the history of psychological operations deployed by governments and media corporations it would be foolish not to look at the other side of the coin. This is an attempt to show how these techniques are being used to promote political violence.

The Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) team in partnership with the Nation Institute of Health, DARPA, think tanks, industry and academia wanted to know why someone would go to the lengths of blowing themselves up, joining a terrorist group or even becoming politically active. Most of the report is a primer on neurobiology and psychology. Explaining that some populations and individuals are more prone to violence. If you wanted to read through the whole thing then you wouldn’t need RaptormanReports. Some key points will be reviewed for this article.


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