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Fourth echelon

got jurassic park fever?

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Dinosaur eggs found by Chinese road construction crew

HEYUAN, China, April 21 (UPI) -- Workers upgrading a road in Heyuan, China, unearthed 43 large dinosaur eggs -- 19 of them completely intact, officials said.

Du Yanli, director of the Dinosaur Museum in the Guangdong province city, said workers moving earth for a road construction project in Heyuan discovered the 43 eggs earlier this month and 19 of them were found to be completely intact, with the largest measuring about 5 inches in diameter.

The eggs have been turned over to the Chinese Academy of Sciences to attempt to pinpoint the species of dinosaur that laid the eggs.

Heyuan has been nicknamed "Home of the Dinosaurs" by local officials after the discovery of dinosaur egg fragments on a city river bank in 1996 led to 17,000 ensuing discoveries.

The city is listed by Guinness World Records as being the home of the world's largest collection of dinosaur eggs.

The eggs found in the city date from the late Cretaceous period, 89-65 million years ago.


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Hollywood is coming up with their new Jurassic Park Movie....Jurassic World. Seems the real Jurassic Park/World is in china!  Wow.

One more thing, in before scientist get DNA from the eggs and produce dinos!!!!  If that is even possible. Thus the real Jurassic Park/World will be born! n-n-No? Ok then. heh.

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