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TPP Enters USA into a ‘New Trans-National Union’

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,602

TPP Enters USA into a ‘New Trans-National Union’

by Robert Wilde 15 Jun 2015



Read the rest of the article in the link above.


Stephen Miller, one of the staff leaders for Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), joined Breitbart News Sunday and was asked by Breitbart’s Executive Chairman and host, Stephen K. Bannon: “Isn’t the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) really a global governance deal, rather than a trade agreement? Is this a way to get the United States into a Pacific Union, as Senator Sessions lays out, that is very much like the European Union?”

‘That’s exactly what is happening here,” said Miller. “The Pacific Union that Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)

refers to is the new transnational governance body that would be created by the Transpacific Partnership.”

Miller says that in effect the first trade deal would be fast-tracked under the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), of which both houses of congress are in favor.

“What this means,” explained Miller,  “is the house and the senate together would be authorizing the president to enter the United States into a new trans-national union.”

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I say piss on this globalist crap. Its just a bunch of greedy pukes who are talking out their asses I didnt give my consent to this authority did you?

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