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The Alt-News “Empire” Readers Strike Back With A Boycott Agenda

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In case you are not an online subscriber of Natural News, you may not be aware of a boycott that started November 20, 2016 to expose the ‘real fake news network CNN’, which perpetrated much false and probably intentional misleading news during this last presidential campaign and election cycle season.

By specifically boycotting that network’s paid sponsors and advertisers, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, thinks an economic ‘shake down’ of CNN ought to make a real difference in highlighting honest and transparent news reporting not only at CNN but within the  entire mistrusted U.S. press and media, which Mike calls “presstitutes.”

Back in April of 2016, only 6 percent of Americans trusted the media!

What could it possibly be now, after all the political theater it obviously orchestrated leading up to the election on November 8th?

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and chief honcho at Natural News, published the blog “Natural News announces economic boycott of CNN corporate sponsors, including GEICO, WellsFargo, Sprint, Dodge and ETrade,” November 19, 2016 wherein he listed whom to boycott and the reasons, if one is so inclined to engage in such an effort to bring truth and facts to media reporting—not fake , manufactured or ‘conspired news’.

A list of 28 CNN corporate sponsors that will enjoy the boycott can be found here

To quote Mike Adams as to the reason(s) why he’s proposing such a boycott,

To even call CNN a “news” network is uproariously funny. This is the news outlet that deliberately conspired with Hillary Clinton to surreptitiously give her the debate questions in advance (cheating, in other words), that directed questions to Donald Trump which were engineered to destroy his credibility, and that systematically conspired with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to twist, distort and fabricate whatever information was required to place Hillary Clinton in the White House. (See Wikileaks disclosures.)

CNN is not merely a house of presstitutes; it is an embarrassment to the legacy of the free press. By any reasonable measure, CNN has already committed credibility suicide and is now seen my [sic s/b by] the vast majority of Americans as not merely untrustworthy but deliberately malicious.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/056077_CNN_boycott_corporate_sponsors_fake_news.html#ixzz4Qg4wWnZm


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My shopping choices seem to be getting some serious constraints applied here lately.  And I'm loving it :)  And yes, I'm gunna call and tell the ones I actually buy from occasionally and tell them I'll go "store brand" from her on out.  Or just do without.

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Roflmao I never watch it or read it 

I don't know who the sponsor are 

and CNN lol been many years 

hmm I think bush 1 is when I quit 

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