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Trump Transition: As Secretary of State, Tulsi Gabbard offers potential for peace with Syria, Russia

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 Talon    716

So far as world peace and prosperity goes, most of the names currently being kicked around for America’s top diplomatic position do not inspire a great deal of confidence. It’s easy to feel uneasy when you see recycled neoconservative hawks like John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani, or old hands like Mitt Romney who previously stated that ‘Russia is America’s greatest threat.’  

As far as potential picks go for Secretary of State, none is more interesting than the potential that Democratic Congresswoman  Tulsi Gabbard brings to the table. President-Elect Donald Trump invited Hawaii’s Gabbard to New York City this week for a meeting regarding possible involvement in the new Presidential Administration. She’s got a lot going for her – as an Iraq War veteran with deep understanding of the perils of US interventions overseas, she also brings with her some common sense geopolitical context – a refreshing change from the off-the-shelf, neoliberal interventionist juggernaut previously driven by the hawkish Hillary Clinton, or the flippant public tirades and baseless insults leveled at Russia by the like of Samantha Power.

With an apparently more experienced Romney ahead of her in the queue, Gabbard is certainly a long shot, but considering the mess left behind by eight years of clandestine fee-for-all and the chronic absent-minded Obama era interventionist policy blunders, not to mention (but we will) the hysterical public meltdowns by US State Dept spokespersons like John Kirby, Jen Psaki and Marie Harf – you can’t help but consider the fresh approach that someone like Gabbard might offer.


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If I understand this correctly, she supported Bernie then when he lost she supported hillary? 

And this is a good person for Sec of State?  Just because you have a D by your name doesnt mean you have to bow to every candidate that is walked in front of you.  How many republicans never once came out in support of or in opposition to Trump?  she could have done the same.  

While her stances on a few things are nice, she still resigned from the DNC to support an admitted socialist.

For instance, think about this contradiction that happened in the same announcement:

“Moving forward, as a veteran and someone who knows firsthand the cost of war, I am going to continue to push for an end to counterproductive interventionist wars and lead our country toward a path toward peace," Gabbard added.

“Given the remaining choices, like Bernie Sanders, I will be casting my vote for Hillary Clinton,” Gabbard told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser

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