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New Transmissible Vaccine Spreads Like Virus, No Consent Necessary

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But transmissible vaccines pose a special risk, essentially, they could become a virus themselves and spread rapidly amongst the population that was vaccinated. This has already happened with the oral polio vaccine and both the 1960s and the 2000s, but with a transmissible vaccine, the danger of spread of a disease would become even more dangerous since spread and transmission are what the vaccines are designed to do.

Scott Nuismer, a Professor of Biological Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Idaho and co-author of a study on transmissible vaccines published this year in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, stated,

Obviously this is a controversial and potentially risky endeavor, so we wanted to figure out, is the potential benefit actually worth the risk?

Nuismer, along with colleagues at six other institutions, created a mathematical model mapping how a vaccine spreads through populations by altering one key element – the vaccine’s ability to spread – it was determined that the vaccine needed very little transmissibility in order to spread through the population.

The potential risks of creating an epidemic and/or pandemic of the disease researchers allegedly want to stop, is of course not going to keep them down. As noted earlier, several transmissible vaccines are in development for wild animal populations and livestock.

So maybe these researchers will help protect the bunnies against a virus – or maybe they’ll just kill them all. It’s 50/50, but the researchers seem confidant, so what could go wrong?


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There's something going on, and hasn't started today. I have many colleagues in Poland (Europe) that say they often feel dizzy, with stomach issues all the time.  Only one of them lives near metal processing factory, and other ones in small villages, so there's a little chance they ate mushrooms. Everything is in the air. Sometimes they say they feel as if they ate something unfresh, sometimes they feel some burning wood smell but in the forest ??? Other colleague said he often feels some buzz sound and - as I remember correctly, it was something around 30-70Hz. All the time. Whenever he goes out. During night, when air conditioning is running (or was running), he doesn't feel that in ears, so there must be something with the air. I suspect heavy metals, bacterias or...who knows...

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