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Are you feeding your children weed killer?

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 Talon    716

Of course, you’d never do it on purpose, but a new study shows that you might be doing so inadvertently – and in great quantity. Cheerios have long been a finger food that parents give their babies. They’re considered to be wholesome, low in sugar, and great for Baby’s manual dexterity.

They’re also loaded with poison.

Now, some people will say that is an overstatement, but a new study discovered that Cheerios have more pesticide content than nearly any other packaged food. Each serving contains a horrifying 1,125.3 ppb of the weed killer glyphosate, and meanwhile, Cheerios are marketed as the perfect food for little ones. It’s important to note that small children are far more susceptible to the effects of pesticides than adults. Kids who are exposed to pesticides  may have lower IQs, and they face higher risks of autism, ADHD, developmental delays, and cancer. (source)

Other foods that were discovered to contain dangerously high levels of glyphosate include Doritos, Oreos, Lucy’s gluten-free oatmeal cookies, Kashi oatmeal cookies, Ritz crackers, Lay’s potato chips and Stacy’s pita chips. You might want to leave all those off the menu this Thanksgiving.

You can read the entire report here and see the levels of weed killer in foods that were tested.

It was only a couple of years ago, that the EPA increased the allowable amount of glyphosate to be used on food crops, despite irrefutable links to toxicity, cancer, and death. It should be no surprise that this has resulted in toxic food.

Also, it’s interesting to note that the mainstream media has not picked up this story. I guess their bread is buttered with Round-up.


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 crabb    478

I don't think most people relate glyphosate with round-up which is also agent orange. In the early 80's we knew that if you used round-up on your lawn that the ground would be sterile for at least 7 years (if I remember right is was in the advertisements as a warning). I think this is why they have had to add all the nutrients back into the ground with every planting. It has recently come out that farmers are now spraying there crops with round-up just prier to harvest because it kills the plant faster and therefore they can get it off the ground and into the market sooner. All this makes me wonder what do they put in miracle grow.
It's all about the money  

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 Cinnamon    28,888

Everything is poison that comes in a box and has been dried out, killed of nutrients and then the nutrients added back into the food. What a vicious cycle when you include what @crabb just said about sterile ground and adding nutrients into the soil again. 


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